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The Whole Grain Pasta That Actually Tastes Good

Bronx 12 News: Healthy Fall Recipes

Rude health magazine
September 2015

Editorial +advertisement Ireland

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Consumer Awareness Drives Demand for Ancient Grains
Natural Products Insider

KAMUT(R) Khorasan and Walnut Loaf Cake
The Cook's Pyjamas

Future farms will be ecosystems that produce bountiful food

Americas: Kashi offers five nutritious breakfast options
Food News International

Your health living magazine
August 2015

Advertisement UK.

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Organic farming faces growing pains as demand increases
Great Falls Tribune

6 Surprising Foods With More Protein Than an Egg
Yahoo! Health

Kamut, chickpea, and aubergine salad with saffron yogurt
The Telegraph

6 ancient grains to help you move past quinoa
Gusto Tv

Natural grocery buyer magazine
July 2015

The continued growth of gluten free. Advertisement UK.

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KAMUT khorasan document
June 2015

KAMUT khorasan published scientific research results.

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Better retailing magazine
June 2015

Advertisement UK & Ireland.

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Natural grocery buyer magazine
June 2015

The rising popularity of ancient grains. Advertisement UK.

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Newbury spring festival
May 2015

Our UK award winning KAMUT khorasan flour was originally grown for the pharaohs in Egypt.

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Poppyseed Rugelach Recipe
Yahoo! Food

KAMUT khorasan document
May 2015

KAMUT khorasan document with general information.

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KAMUT khorasan booklet
May 2015

KAMUT khorasan booklet with information and recipes.

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KAMUT Reduces Cardiovascular Risk in Patients with ACS
Nutraceuticals World

Natural products magazine
May 2015

Article Patrick Holford UK: What's wrong with wheat?

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Your healthy living magazine
May 2015

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Rude health magazine
May 2015

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Natural products magazine
April 2015

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Natural grocery buyer magazine
April 2014

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Better retailing digest magazine
April 2015

Advertorial UK & Ireland.

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Grain Expectations
Whole Foods Magazine

Kamut Salad With Roasted Grapes, Butternut Squash & Brussels Sprouts
Yahoo Health!

Ancient Grains vs. Modern Wheat: What's the Difference?
Live and Diet In L.A.

Kamut: An Ancient Grain That's Enjoying A Modern Comeback
Cooking Light

Beyond Quinoa: The New Ancient Grains
New York Times

Simple and Iconic Apple Crumble
Honest Cooking Gastronomy & Travel

KAMUT® Wheat-Bakewell Cream Biscuits Biscuits
Mother Earth News

Parmigiano and Hazelnut Cakes
Alimentari Magazine


Pan Seared Salmon and KAMUT® Noodles
Cookies and Caviar Blog

Better Retailing magazine
2014 December

ADVERTORIAL 3/3 UK and Ireland, Ancient grain, the key to better health. FACTFILE, KAMUT brand khorasan wheat.

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Your healthy living magazine
2014 December

ADVERTORIAL UK, Help for wheat sensitivity.

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Winter Wheat Berry Salad
Skinny Sometimes

Wheat berries and I have been two peas in a pod lately. So when KAMUT® Wheat reached out and asked if I wanted to try a few of their products, I quickly said yes because I've been wanting to try to make my own wheat berries.

Lavender-infused Kamut Cake (Vegan)
Linseeds Blog

I love baking with tea, but it took quite a bit of trial and error to get it right – adding in brewed tea, putting the tea leaves straight in – turns out I get the strongest flavour by infusing the oil/fat. The ever so light lavender is barely evident in this cake, but it lends just enough of a floral note to tone down the nuttiness of the Kamut. If you want a bolder flavour, try an Earl Grey or even a chai tea.

Ancient Grains: Recipes
Eide Magazine

Story and photography by Gina Yu | Recipes by Darcy Lenz These recipes correlate with the article that appears in the Winter 2014/2015 issue of Eidé Magazine. Read the recipes here, then click to read the story below.

Your healthy living magazine
2014 November

ADVERTORIAL UK, An ancient wheat answering the needs of modern life.

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Rude health magazine
2014 November

ADVERTORIAL Ireland, Ancient grain, the key to better health and an ADVERTORIAL Ancient wheat answering the needs of modern life.

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KAMUT For the Masses!
Food Navigator

Kamut International CEO Trevor Blyth on Kashi's Cocoa Coconut Kamut Wheat Granola joining Target's exclusive Made To Matter collection: "This is a product that is definitely going more into the mainstream with organic and ancient grain products. I think it's a great step in right direction."

Foods to Follow This Fall
Food Insight

With food trends constantly changing, there's always something new on the horizon. Is seems like the focus recently has been on kale, quinoa, and Greek yogurt but new foods are making their way into mainstream diets. Often times chefs, “foodies”, and the media will make predictions about what they think the new “it” foods will be. Here are some of the hottest foods that may pop up on your radar this season:

Your healty living magazine
2014 October

ADVERTORIAL UK, Ancient wheat diet may help IBS sufferers.

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One-Minute Master Class
Self Magazine

Ironman Triathlon Competitor Linsey Corbin Shares Her Spin on the Pushup

Ask Valentino Anything!
Haper's Bazaar

The designer, legendary host, and author of 'Valentino: At the Emperor's Table' answers your questions.

Fitness Fuel: Nutrition Tips from a Pro Triathlete
The Active Times

An elite Ironman athlete shares her top tips for fueling like a pro.

Better Retailing magazine
2014 September

ADVERTORIAL 2/3 UK and Ireland, an ancient grain for modern life, KAMUT brand khorasan wheat.

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Your Healthy Living magazine
2014 September

ADVERTORIAL UK, KAMUT brand khorasan, an ancient wheat answering the needs of modern life.

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Rude Health magazine
2014 September

ADVERTORIAL Ireland, KAMUT brand khorasan, an ancient wheat answering the needs of modern life.

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Better retailing magazine
2014 July

ADVERTORIAL 1/3 UK and Ireland. Grains of truth, KAMUT brand khorasan wheat.

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Your healthy living magazine
2014 July

ADVERTORIALS UK. An ancient wheat answering the needs of modern life. And the story behind the brand, Bob Quinn.

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Rude health magazine
2014 July

ADVERTORIAL Ireland. An ancient wheat answering the needs of modern life.

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Natural product magazine
2014 May

ARTICLE PATRICK HOLFORD, what's wrong with wheat, Patrick Holford gets to the bottom of a very modern problem + advertisement.

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Your healthy living magazine
2014 May

Advertisement UK

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Better retailing DIGEST magazine
2014 April

ADVERTORIAL UK and Ireland. Why an unadulterated ancient crop is finding its way onto the shelves of independent health food stores.

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Natural product magazine
2014 April

Advertisement UK

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Better retailing Magazine
2014 April

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Nutrition Tips From an Ironman Champion
Edmonton Sun

Fresh off her victory at the 2014 Los Cabos Ironman, professional triathlete Linsey Corbin offers the following five nutrition tips to get the most out of your training.

Kamut Founder Featured in Washington Post
The Washington Post

On March 12th, Kamut International founder Bob Quinn was featured in the Organic Living section of The Washington Post. Some of the topics in the article highlighted why organic farming is so important to our future health, how pesticides provide a short-term fix with long-term consequences, and how higher costs of organic products balance out over time with health care savings.

Cooking With Grains: Kamut
Dr. Weil

KAMUT® is a brand name for an ancient, recently revived strain of wheat known as khorasan wheat. KAMUT® is always grown organically. Incorrectly thought to hail from Egypt (hence the nickname "King Tut's Wheat"), where it was rediscovered in 1949, khorasan's true origins are unknown; some legends even hold it to be the "Prophet's Wheat," the grain Noah brought with him on the ark.

How to Sneak Healthy Ingredients Into Recipes
Close to Home

We all must admit that once January 1st comes along, we all resolve to eat more healthfully. But let’s get real, a few weeks into our New Year resolutions we start to crave our favorite foods. Eating more healthy does not mean you have to sacrifice the flavors you love, this post is to share a few recipes of how to sneak healthy ingredients into some of your favorite recipes. I was provided promotional materials from Grain Place Foods to conduct this recipes but all the opinions are 100% my

Sports Nutrition Special: Pro Triathlete Linsey Corbin on Her Diet, Favorite Foods, Race-Day Plan and More
Endurance Planet

Tawnee Prazak speaks with Linsey Corbin about her nutrition plan. Hear about her experience with KAMUT Brand wheat around 13:00 minutes in.

What is GMO?
The Daily Meal

The Daily Meal Interviews Kamut International Founder, Bob Quinn, on what GMO's mean to shoppers.

Veggie Bowl Recipe
Family Circle Magazine

Check out this delicious recipe featured in July's edition of Family Circle magazine that features KAMUT Brand wheat berries.

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New Super Grains for Your Health
Dr. Oz Television Show

Wheat is a diet staple, but there is a whole world of grains people don't even know about. Dr. Oz and nutritionist Heidi Skolnik explain what these game-changing nutritional powerhouses are and where to find them.

Kamut International: "We believe our ancient wheat can become a culture and not a fad"
Food Navigator USA

With some of the nation’s biggest organic brands already among its customers, Kamut International is anticipating even more growth as it expands the science behind its ancient grain to target heart health, diabetes and sport nutrition. A recent paper in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition documented the first human data of the potential antioxidant and antiinflammatory activity of Kamut khorasan wheat.

Rules to Reset Your Hormones
Dr. Oz Show

Dr. Natasha Turner give a nod to KAMUT Brand pasta. See 1:30 to 1:50!

Study Supports Eating Wheat, Despite The Gluten-Free Trend

As more Americans shun wheat in favor of gluten-free diets, a study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, January 2013, gives insight into why giving up grains may not be the answer to our growing health problems. The research studied the effects of replacing standard whole grain products in subjects’ diets with ancient khorasan wheat, and found that doing so reduced their metabolic risk factors, raised their antioxidant capacities, and decreased inflammatory activity.

Great New Grains
Nature & Health Online

The scoop on six delicious new supergrains...including KAMUT Brand khorasan wheat!

My indulgent healthy melted goat cheese from Piemonte
mythineats Blog

Recap of a wonderful meal, with KAMUT Brand khorasan wheat bread.

KAMUT is the New Quinoa: Cheesy KAMUT and Kale Bake
Carlene's Figment Blog

Sunday Pancakes
Taste Food Blog

Substituting KAMUT Brand wheat flour in a traditional family pancake recipe is a success!

KAMUT Brand Wheat Salad With Grilled Eggplant, Tomato and Onion
Be Fit With Kristen Blog

KAMUT Salad With Grilled Eggplant, Tomato and Onion Maybe you’ve heard of it or even seen it in the aisle at the grocery store; but what in the world is KAMUT you ask? KAMUT® is the brand name for Khorasan wheat. It’s a whole grain similar to wheat but sweeter in taste, higher in nutrients and happens to go well with grilled eggplant, tomato and onion (just sayin’). And why should you try it? For starters KAMUT is a NON-GMO food and always grown organically. It has more protein and minerals than common wheat (a big bonus). And better yet, it is also high in antioxidants and lipids.

China, Italy Ag Business Trip Yield Positive Results for Big Sandy Producer
Prairie Star

BIG SANDY, Mont. - Back from China and Italy, Bob Quinn, who farms with his family near Big Sandy, Mont., said all the crops are up now and looking “really nice.”

Say Hello; SliceTruck turns brick-and-mortar
Toasted Toast Blog

SliceTruck opens first restaurant, and finds success using KAMUT Brand dough for all their pies.

KAMUT is cool! 5 Minute Grain Surgery
Chef Tess Bakeresse

Chef Tess gives KAMUT Brand Wheat a whirl, and loves it!

Study confirms antioxidant properties of Kamut-brand wheat
NewHope360 - Engredea, News & Analysis

The mission of Kamut International is "to promote organic agriculture and support organic farmers, to increase diversity of crops and diets and to protect the heritage of a high quality delicious and ancient grain for the benefit of this and future generations." To help fulfill this mission, KI supports research that results in peer-reviewed work. Please contact KI if you would like to learn more about research done on KAMUT(R) Brand khorasan wheat -

Everything Old is New --and Delicious Again
DineWithPat Blog -

IN THE KITCHEN: Everything old is new -- and delicious -- again DATE POSTED: Monday, March 5, 2012 4:35 PM EST By Pat Tanner From

Kamut International Support Just Label it Campaign
Good Food World

Kamut International is a supporter for the “Just Label It: Right to Know” campaign urging the US Department of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to require mandatory labeling for genetically engineered food.

Fusion Grains Cooking Show
BYU tv

Chef Brad is at it again cooking with KAMUT Brand wheat and lentils in several delicious dishes.

Tasty Ways to Eat More Whole Grains

KAMUT with Mushrooms and Blue Cheese

Get Your Freekeh On
Wall Street Journal

These seven wholesome ingredients have beauty and grains.

Over Oatmeal? 3 New Hot Ways to Start Your Day

Three Delicious alternatives to Oatmeal, including KAMUT!

Who Grows Our Food--KAMUT International's Bob Quinn
Huffington Post

A look at who grows our food during the Meatless Monday's series in Huffington Post.

An Innocent Abroad: Katie at the MOA Annual Conference

Journalist Katie Hilmer attends the Montana Organic Association Annual Conference in Billings

Lady Gaga's menu includes KAMUT(R) khorasan spaghetti in Dehli -
Hindustan Times

What you didn't know about Lady Gaga's visit Hindustan Times New Delhi, November 03, 2011

Chef Melis exalts Italy's Mediterranean flavors at Jeddah's Rosewood Corniche Hotel

Posted on

An ancient wheat corresponding to the requirements of our life.
Agriculture Internationales - INTERVIEW - octobre 2011

Interview: everything about KAMUT brand khorasan wheat.

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What the heck is Kamut(r)?
Muesli Fusion Blog

Muesli Fusion uses KAMUT brand khorasan in it's blends -

Fork in the Road -

Two small villages in the Italian Dolomites are the unlikely center of a Michelin-starred gastronomic excellence. (And one of them has KAMUT(R) khorasan pasta on the menu!)

Peek-a-boo Mom Blog shares quick tips, recipes, and inspiration from one busy mom to other moms on the run. Email, follow @peekaboomomny.

Warm Shrimp Salad with Kamut, Red Chile and Tarragon
Food & Wine

Kamut(r) khorasan is an heirloom variety of wheat with a sweet, almost buttery flavor. F&W editor Kristin Donnelly loves using it in her warm shrimp salad.

Feisty Foods Event -
Tasty Eating

Hungry New York, NY I am not a foodie. I am a food lover.

Fiesty Foodie - Kamut Event
Fiesty Foodie Blog

I recently had the good fortune to be invited to attend an information session about Kamut International ancient grains. I didn’t know much about ancient grains before this, so it was really interesting!

Ancient Grains
Fox 25 Morning News

Maria Speck on Fox 25 Morning News with Reporter Elizabeth Hopkins

Ancient wheat a Montana Game Changer
Great Falls Tribune

Wheat has been a staple for thousands of years, but between high-protein, low-carbohydrate fad diets and wheat intolerances, its reputation is tarnished to the point that some recommend eliminating it from the menu. But Kamut Khorasan wheat changes the entire game. - Feature in the Great Falls Tribune by Amy Grisak

Ancient Grains: Something Old
Baking Business.COM

Ancient grains allow companies to marry flavor and nutrition in snack chips and crackers., Aug. 15, 2011 by Lucy Sutton

The low-weight, low-carbon diet
The Age

Traditional eating ... simply cooked foods are good for your health as well as your taste buds. The Age - Samantha Selinger-Morris

Nipping at the Heels of Industrial Ag

The idea of “beyond organic” has been more than an abstract concept for Bob Quinn for more than two decades. It has truly been a way of life.

Maria Speck on Fox News
Fox News TV

Maria Speck, author of Ancient Grains for Modern Meals, tells us how we can incorporate more whole grains into our daily diet.

KAMUT Named One of the Top Five New Superfoods

Jennipher Walters, writer for Fit Bottomed Girls, mentions KAMUT as one of the top five new superfoods that should be in the fridge or pantry all the time!

GoodFood Hero: Bob Quinn, Montana Grain Farmer

GoodFood World has named Bob Quinn, Kamut International, as a GoodFood Hero in recognition of his work with ancient grains, organic production, and improving the quality of the food we eat.

Kamut, The Newest Old Grain, Wins Glenny Over

After attending the KAMUT cooking event in NYC, Alexandra Zissu posted an informative review of KAMUT Brand wheat and included one of the recipes.

KAMUT Mentioned in Cooking Light Magazine

A pressure cooker makes quick work of whole grains and beans, heart-healthy ingredients that often require lots of soaking and cooking.

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Kamut: Rediscovering an Ancient Grain in Modern Society

I made a discovery a few months ago that would transform my meals forever: I found a super yummy ancient grain called Kamut®!

The value of heritage and heirloom foods

There’s a reason certain things are called “heirlooms.” Whether it’s a diamond ring, a masterful painting or a vintage bottle of wine, each displays a deep connection to history and an artistry that cannot be replicated with mass production.

Chef Brad: Fusion Grain Cooking: KAMUT
Chef Brad Fusion Grain Cooking Show

Chef Brad features KAMUT in his Fusion Grain Cooking Episode on BYU Television.

Ancient Grains for Modern Meals

Maria Speck has developed wonderful recipes incorporating ancient grains, including KAMUT Brand khorasan!

Eden Foods KAMUT Flakes named one of editor's picks

Eden Foods KAMUT Flakes were named one of the editor’s picks for Favorite Hot Cereal in Natural Solutions magazine.

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Natural Products Expo 2011, Part 2: Ancient Grains, Vegan Fare and More

I also had a chance to sit down with Bob Quinn, founder of Kamut Khorosan, an ancient form of wheat originally from Egypt. Quinn grows the wheat in Montana, and most of it is exported to Italy, where it’s used to make pasta.

Kamut Exhibits for 25th Year at Expo West

Kamut International marked 25 consecutive years exhibiting at the Natural Products Expo West on Saturday, March 12 at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Kamut International celebrates 25 Years at Natural Products Expo West

Kamut International marked 25 consecutive years exhibiting at Natural Products Expo West on Saturday, March 12 at the Anaheim Convention Center. Founder Bob Quinn’s famous cowboy hat served as the theme for an enthusiastic celebration.

Missoula based Kamut International named Exporter of Year by state
The Missoulian

If you've been to Italy lately, you've probably heard of KAMUT. The sweet, nutty, organic khorasan wheat's popularity has exploded in Italy, where it's used in pastas, breads and almost any other kind of snack you can imagine.

Natural Products Expo 2011 Report: Functional Food and Sustainable Packages

Ancient grains, coconut water, fair trade chocolates, protein bars, and organic pet food were in abundance in Orange County this weekend, where baobab and sea buckthorn joined acai, goji berry and chia seeds, the reigning antioxidant-rich superfoods.

Kamut International of Missoula Honored at Montana's 2010 Exporter of the Year

Lieutenant Governor John Bohlinger and members of the Montana District Export Council named Kamut International of Missoula, Montana’s 2010 Exporter of the Year today, during the Global Trade Day event at the State Capitol.

New Ways to Eat Ancient Grains

KAMUT is mentioned in an article done by More Magazine. Learn new ways to incorporate ancient grains into your daily diet!

TIP OF THE DAY: KAMUT Khorasan Wheat

The Nibble features Eden Foods’ KAMUT Elbows in their tip of the Day!

Can GM and Organic Get Along

Despite fierce opposition from businesses, organizations and consumers supporting organic agriculture, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has determined it will approve the full deregulation or modified deregulation of genetically engineered (GE) alfalfa.

Playing Around with Soba and Dashi

Mark Bittman experiments with KAMUT wheat noodles in a Soba dish.

Ancient Grains on Good Morning America
Good Morning America

Ashley Koff speaks about KAMUT in her Good Morning America health segment.

Warming Porridge

Mixed grain cereal with KAMUT khorasan and chai spice---great for fall and winter.

Two leaders to receive Organic Trade Association's highest honor

The Organic Trade Association (OTA) today announced it has selected Theresa Marquez of Organic Valley and Bob Quinn of Kamut® International to receive its prestigious Organic Leadership Awards for 2010.

Three Grain Porridge

Recipe featuring KAMUT khorasan berries.

(3.8 MB)

KAMUT--An Ancient Grain Flourishes in the Upper Great Plains

Decked out in his cowboy hat complete with a bunch of wheat heads tucked in the band, Bob Quinn looks every bit the part of a Montana grain farmer.

Meet this Grain: KAMUT

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Food Finds at NYC's Fancy Food Show

The Summer Fancy Food Show at the Jacob K. Javits Center, sponsored by National Association for the Specialty Food Trade, which ended last week, is sending out a new message~ fancy foods have transcended to being farm fresh, organic, 100% natural, artisanal, vegan and/or gluten-free.

3 Easy Ways Any Business Can Save Money

All the way out in Big Sandy, Montana Kamut International, growers and distributors of Kamut Khorasan Wheat have made some significant cuts by using Skype for conducting international conference calls. “We use technology to the fullest to cut down on trips overseas to see our partners,” says Kamut International president and founder Bob Quinn.

Discover tasty grains that help you slim down
ABC Televison

KAMUT is mentioned as a healthy grain that can help you slim down!

Making Face Time On The Cheap

Any business owner knows that face time with an important client is critical. With budgets tight, entrepreneurs are coming up with creative strategies to attend cross-country meetings.

Kamut khorasan wheat

KAMUT Brand khorasan wheat, the ancient grain for modern life, is featured in the Natural Products Magainze.

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Montana Flour and Grains Looking to Contract More Acres

If you are looking to plant something that is experiencing a strong upswing in the market, despite the economic downturn, you may want to look into Kamut brand Khorasan wheat.