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Ancient Grains Among Top Culinary Trends for 2011

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America’s Chefs Surveyed on Their Favorites for the New Year
Big Sandy, MT December, 2010 – KAMUT® Brand khorasan wheat is among the hottest culinary trends for 2011. Ancient grains are expected to be sought out by top chefs and foodies even more in the coming year, according to the survey completed by the National Restaurant Association of over 1,500 of the nation’s finest chefs.
As restaurant trends change in the same manner as other fashions, Ancient Grains like KAMUT® khorasan wheat offer chefs a healthy alternative to modern grains. They appreciate the tastes and textures a hearty grain can bring to a dish. KAMUT® khorasan’s high versatility makes it ideal for use in a variety of different forms and recipes.
Compared with modern white wheat, KAMUT® khorasan wheat is higher in protein and minerals such as zinc, selenium and magnesium. Also, it is has a higher percentage of lipids, which produce more energy in the body than carbohydrates. Overall, KAMUT® Brand products promote wholesome eating and good health, as opposed to consuming calories which are low in nutrition.
The chefs surveyed ranked “Sustainability” as the third hottest trend for the upcoming year and “Farm and Estate-branded ingredients” were ranked 10th. The results bode well for Kamut International, an organization whose mission is to promote organic and sustainable agriculture. Kamut International trademarked KAMUT® to protect the purity of the ancient grain, guarantee it is always produced organically and ensure high quality standards.
KAMUT® khorasan wheat can be found in a variety of (over 2,000) healthy and organic food options on the shelves throughout North America and Europe including breads, pastas, flat breads, cereals, pizza, soups and chili. It can also be purchased as grain or flour for cooking and baking. It’s naturally sweet, nutty flavor turns simple recipes into highly nutritious, flavorful meals and treats.
About KAMUT® Brand Khorasan Wheat
The mission of Kamut International is to promote organic agriculture and support organic farmers, to increase diversity of crops and diets, and to protect the heritage of a high quality, delicious ancient grain for the benefit of this and future generations. KAMUT® is a trademark of Kamut International and it stands for guaranteed standards that are verified by tests from every field.
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