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Bob Quinn Organic Trade Association Speech

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Kamut International Founder and President Highlights the Dangers of Cheap Food and GMO’s in Organic Leadership Award Speech

Missoula, MT, November, 2010 – The Organic Trade Association awarded Kamut International Founder, Bob Quinn, with the Organic Leadership Award for his contributions in the “Growing Organic Agriculture” by the Organic Trade Association. Quinn was honored at the OTA’s Annual Dinner and Dance, part of Natural Products Expo East held Friday evening, Oct. 15, in Boston. The award is the OTA’s highest honor given annually to individuals who exemplify innovation and vision in the organic movement.
An organic farmer for over 40 years and an OTA member since 1998, Quinn has been, as Montana Senator Jon Tester put it in his congratulatory video, “a leader in organics in the state of Montana and across the country for a long, long time.”
At the beginning, when organic farming was just an idea that Quinn was considering, he had many more questions than answers. “How do you control weeds without pesticides?” Quinn recalled asking the wheat scientist at Montana State University. “The man slumped back in his chair and replied, “No one has ever asked me that question before.” From that moment on, Quinn’s persistence and eagerness to develop organic and sustainable farming methods have remained unchanged.
“As long as we keep asking questions, pushing back the frontier of knowledge and asking the questions that have never been asked before,” Quinn said in his acceptance speech, “we can continue to be
the leaders that we are for safe and organic food in America.”
Quinn highlighted the importance of organic foods as a means to combat growing medical bills and declining health. To fight the cheap foods that plague society, Quinn stressed the ideal that “you can pay a little more at the cash register and save a lot more at the doctor’s office.”
Kamut International has grown into a worldwide commodity. KAMUT® brand khorasan wheat now grows in 40,000 acres of fields in North America, works with over 120 organic farmers and sells in excess of 2,000 different KAMUT® brand products.
“It doesn’t matter how much we change the world, how big or small” Quinn said in closing, “it only matters if we change it for good or not. And I believe that the organic movement really has been changing it for good.” In 1986, Bob Quinn, being the farming futurist he is, introduced the natural food industry to an ancient khorasan wheat, a relative of durum wheat that was brought to Montana from Egypt—under the brand name, KAMUT®, (the ancient Egyptian word for wheat). Through the trademark KAMUT®, the company has been able to preserve an ancient grain, ensuring strict production guidelines, that it is exclusively produced organically, and guaranteeing that it has not been genetically modified or altered.
About Kamut® International
KAMUT® is a registered trademark used to market organically grown khorasan wheat, an ancient relative of modern durum wheat. The mission of Kamut International is to promote organic agriculture and support organic farmers, to increase diversity of crops and diets, and to protect the heritage of a high quality, delicious ancient grain for the benefit of this and future generations. KAMUT® is a trademark of Kamut International which guarantees high quality standards that are verified by tests from every field.
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