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Kamut International: Ancient Grains
June 28, 2011 by Feisty Foodie
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I recently had the good fortune to be invited to attend an information session about Kamut International ancient grains. I didn’t know much about ancient grains before this, so it was really interesting!
Just so you know – this was taken at the place – at the end, we each went home with goodie bags that looked like this. “Everybody Eats Lunch” (affiliate link) is an awesome book that was written by the woman whose apartment we were in, Cricket Azima. I shared that one with my nephews, and they love it!
Gorgeous set up – the Kamut puffed cakes on the bottom left, I’ve been enjoying as a healthy quick snack when I need something to beat the afternoon slump. Spread a little nut butter on it, or Nutella… even better, yum.
Cookies made with the Kamut wheat.
These were the most adorable bowls. Inside is a hot cereal made with the Kamut wheat berries, topped with blueberries, almond milk… I still can’t do hot cereals. They just don’t appeal to me.
This, however, was absolutely delicious. Shredded carrots, pomegranate arils, wheat berries, so juicy and delicious, lightly dressed. I would totally make this myself to serve to people – it’s so bright, pretty, and really tasty.
I’ve definitely been on the lookout in stores for Kamut products. I was lucky enough to receive such a big bag of them, that for now, I haven’t had to pick up more, but when I’m done with my supply, I will definitely be getting more Kamut flatbread crisps and wheat berries to make that carrot salad. Yum!!!
I want to extend a big thanks to Kamut for educating me on this ancient grain, and the many ways to use it, and how healthy food can be absolutely delicious as well. I will definitely be exploring new and exciting ways to use the items they gifted us with!
Please note that I attended this event courtesy of Kamut International and their PR. I want to thank them and Cricket Azima for their hospitality; however, I was under no obligation to post about this event, positively or negatively, and do so of my own free will. You can take that as you will. For another perspective on the same event, please click over to Hungry’s post!