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Growing Region and Why We Use a Trademark

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Exclusively organic, never hybridized nor genetically modified, is loved for its naturally sweet and nutty taste, its high versatility and unmistakable smooth texture.

High energy and great nutrition
The complete nutritional analysis of Kamut brand grain substantiates that it is higher in energy than common wheat. It is higher in eight of nine minerals, such as magnesium and zinc. It has been found to contain much more of the natural antioxidant selenium and is 30% higher in the similarly important vitamin E. The grain also contains up to 65% more amino acids and boasts more lipids and fatty acids. The most striking superiority of this wheat is found in its protein level, up to 20- 40% higher than the national average for wheat. Because of its higher percentage of lipids, which produce more energy in the body than carbohydrates, Kamut brand products can be described as a “high energy grain.”
Taste the difference
Kamut brand products provide many culinary benefits due to the unique taste and ease of digestibility, it is ideal for preparing everything from rich dishes to quick snacks. It’s perfect for those preferring either traditional or gourmet cooking as well as for people with busy life styles and athletes looking for high energy, healthy and well-balance dishes. Because of the inherent sweetness of this grain, no sugar is required to hide the subtle bitterness associated with most wheats and whole wheat products. Kamut
brand grain is ideal for flour, bread, pasta, hot and cold cereals, pizza, cookies, crackers, cakes, snacks, pancakes, waffles, drinks, syrup, green foods, etc. 
Ancient quality grain - growing area
Kamut® khorasan grain is an ancient relative of modern durum wheat, originating in the Fertile Crescent region. It had almost become extinct when Bob Quinn, an organic farmer, began to study it. Being a biochemist, he discovered its exceptional nutritional value. As khorasan grain is very sensitive to humidity, today, the best region to grow Kamut® quality khorasan grain is the dry durum wheat region, naturally rich in selenium and protected by the Rocky Mountains, in Saskatchewan in Canada and in Montana in the US. Farmers get a fair price to compensate for the low yield, the grain has never been manipulated by modern agricultural techniques to increase its resistance and yield.
A grain with special Characteristics
Kamut® khorasan grain is an excellent alternative to modern wheat. Research sponsored by Kamut International has shown that 70% of people with wheat sensitivities can tolerate it. Other ongoing research is focusing on:
1. Food sensitivity
2. Antioxidant capacity.
3. Dietary fibers.
4. DNA fingerprinting.
Kamut brand khorasan wheat
Why we use a trademark
The word “Kamut” was registered as a trademark in order to protect and preserve the exceptional qualities of this ancient grain for the benefit of all those who are interested in high quality, healthy food. The Kamut brand name is a quality label which guarantees that customers receive products with the characteristics of this grain. Our company has set high quality standards for the cultivation of Kamut brand khorasan wheat as well as for the manufacture of products. The philosophy of our company is to preserve the purity, uniqueness and authenticity of this old grain while promoting respect for human and environmental resources.
Kamut® khorasan wheat shall:
1. Be the ancient khorasan wheat.
2. Be grown only as a certified organic grain.
3. Have a protein range of 12 – 18%.
4. Be 99% free of contaminating of modern wheat.
5. Be 98% free of all signs of disease.
6. Contain between 400 and 1000 ppm of selenium.
7. Not be mixed with modern wheat in pasta.
8. Not be used in products in which the name is deceptive or misleading as to the content percentage.
On our website you can find a complete list of Kamut brand products and recipes, the history, nutritional values, etc.