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Kamut International Announces Enrollment in Non-GMO Project

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Big Sandy, MT May, 2011 – Kamut International is proud to announce its recent enrollment in the Non-GMO Project. Customers purchasing KAMUT® Brand products can feel confident knowing that the grain is both organic and contains no genetically modified organisms (GMOs). In today’s age of big food, where genetically modified wheat is not such a farfetched idea, the Non-GMO Project is a logical move for any organization that cares about the origins of food.
“While GMO wheat is not currently commercially available in the United States, recent news suggests that it isn’t too far off,” said Kamut International CEO Trevor Blyth. “Enrolling in the Non-GMO Project is a great way for us to align with other like- minded companies and to take a positive and proactive stance opposing the spread of GMOs.”
Kamut International joins the likes of many well-known companies in the Non-GMO movement. In fact, companies such as Eden Foods and Nature’s Path, who both use KAMUT® Brand wheat in their products, have been leaders in the process of certifying their products through this project. Kamut International is proud to join the program as well to help strengthen their collective message.
The Non-GMO Project, established in 2008, is a non-profit organization created by organic and natural products industry leaders to offer consumers reliable and trusted non-GMO product choices. The project's third-party non-GMO product verification program utilizes on-site facility audits, document and systems reviews and DNA testing to verify non-GMO alternatives.
With the recent passage of legislation approving the use of genetically modified sugar beets, salmon and alfalfa, it is vital that consumers have a safer, natural alternative. According to the USDA, 80% of packaged products in the average grocery store contain GMOs1. Many health-conscious consumers find the lack of reliable scientific data relating to genetically modified foods and the fact that many countries have banned GMOs outright to be cause for concern.
While the number of genetically modified foods increases, so too does the number of consumers looking for authentic, organic foods. People want to know where their food is coming from. According to a recent CBS/New York Times study, 53% of consumers said that they would not buy GMO foods2. By eating foods free of genetic modification, consumers can preserve the integrity of food and ensure they know the origin of what they eat.
“We hope our enrollment in the Non-GMO Project helps to raise awareness of the increasing pervasiveness of GMOs in the foods we eat,” Blyth added. “In addition to our efforts towards providing the highest quality, sustainable and nutritious product, hopefully consumers will become more aware of the issue and make better informed decisions.”
Consumers purchasing KAMUT® Brand khorasan wheat products can feel confident they are purchasing a product of the highest integrity. Kamut International’s commitment to providing a sustainable and nourishing grain coupled with the Non-GMO Project’s verification is a significant milestone in the advancement of real food.
About Kamut International
KAMUT® is a registered trademark used to market organically grown khorasan wheat, an ancient relative of modern durum wheat. The mission of Kamut International is to promote organic agriculture and support organic farmers, to increase diversity of crops and diets, and to protect the heritage of a high quality, delicious ancient grain for the benefit of this and future generations. KAMUT® is a trademark of Kamut International which guarantees high quality standards that are verified by tests from every field.
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