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Kamut International Leads the Way in Organic Farming and Encourages Others to Do the Same

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 Big Sandy, MT, March 2012 –Bob Quinn, founder of Kamut International, has been a pioneer in the organic agriculture sector for the past 25 years and is encouraging more farmers to make the transition to do their part to help the environment. According to the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM), organic agriculture is defined as the “production system that sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people”. It incorporates modern science with traditional farming methods to encourage biological diversity while enhancing soil, preserving water and eliminating the use of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Organic farms must be certified by a third-party, according to the Organic Foods Production Act of 1990.
“Part of our farm’s mission is to produce the best quality cereal grain and seed crops for consumers through a sustainable system of organic agriculture. We want to ensure that the environment, the ecosystem and the people that are involved in this process are not just left unharmed but are protected and bettered as much as possible in every aspect of our farm’s production system.” explains Quinn.
There are numerous benefits that organic farmers can see for themselves, such as soil enhancement and water preservation, but organic farming is much bigger than the individual farmer. Organic farming reduces green house gases and minimizes energy consumption, which can help slow down climate change[1]. According to studies by the Rodale Institute, If only 10,000 medium sized farms in the U.S. converted to organic production, they would store so much carbon in the soil that it would be equivalent to taking 1,174,400 cars off the road, or reducing car miles drive by 14.62 billion miles. Organic farming also has the potential to increase the world’s food supply. Studies show that there is a 30 percent increase in yields from organic farming compared to conventional farming[2]. As of 2007, there were over 13,000 certified organic producers in the U.S., compared to approximately only 2,500 in 1994[3] and in 2008, organic sales totaled at $1.94 billion in crop sales alone[4].
“The production of organic food is growing in this country as people are becoming more educated about what they are putting on their tables and are demanding high quality products that will keep themselves, their families and love ones, as well as the planet, healthy, viable and sustainable,” explains Quinn.
Quinn, who has a PhD in plant biochemistry and a deep love for the land, was one of the first organic certified farmers in Montana in 1986. He started with a 40 acre side by side experiment comparing 20 acres chemically farmed with 20 acres under an organic system. The success of that small organic trial encouraged him to continue converting the farm to organic production and by 1989, the entire farm of 2,400 acres was being farmed organically. Also in 1986, Quinn planted his first crop of Kamut khorasan wheat. That small experiment of 1.5 acres has now grown dramatically. This year Kamut International will be responsible for bringing to market the over 70,000 acres of organic KAMUT® brand khorasan wheat to be grown in the Upper Great Plains of the U.S. and Canada by its group of 150 cooperating of organic family farmers.
Quinn’s decision to use a trademark to market this heritage wheat made it possible preserve the ancient grain in its original pure form which guaranteed that it would never be genetically modified or altered. KAMUT® Khorasan brand wheat is grown under strict production guidelines and is exclusively organically grown by family farms in the USA and Canada.
About KAMUT® Brand Khorasan Wheat
The mission of Kamut International is to promote organic agriculture and support organic farmers, to increase diversity of crops and diets, and to protect the heritage of a high quality, delicious ancient grain for the benefit of this and future generations. KAMUT® is a trademark of Kamut International which guarantees high standards,verified by qualitytests from every field.
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