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Bob Quinn
Founder of Montana Flour & Grains
1971 – Bob Quinn attended local Montana schools and earned a BS in botany in 1970 and a MS in plant pathology in 1971 from Montana State University in Bozeman.
1976 - He received a PhD in plant biochemistry at the University of California at Davis, California.
1978 - After selling his business interests in a biological research lab in California, which he and a partner started in 1974, he returned home to run the family farm and ranch.
1983 - Bob started Montana Flour & Grains, Inc., originally in an effort to market his own grain directly to whole grain bakeries. The business soon expanded beyond his own farm and became a viable market opportunity for many other farmers.
1984 - He started selling organic grain and a stone flourmill was added to the operation in 1985.
1986 - Montana Flour & Grains introduced to the natural food industry to an ancient Egyptian wheat, called khorasan (similar to durum wheat). This grain was marketed under his own brand name, KAMUT®, (the ancient Egyptian word for wheat). Through the trademark, Bob has been able to preserve an ancient grain and guarantee it has not been genetically modified or altered.
He helped form Montana's first Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA) chapter in 1987 and served as its first president as well as on the international board of directors. He served on the first U.S. Department of Agriculture National Organic Standards Board and has also served on a USDA agriculture research advisory committee. He served on Montana’s first organic certification advisory board.
1988 - Bob was also been active in AERO (Alternative Energy Resource Organization) in Montana and received AERO's Sustainable Ag Award.
1992 - A cleaning plant was added and by that time 99% of products were organic.
1993 - He was named as one of Montana State University's 100 outstanding alumni from their first hundred years.
1995 - The Montana SBA named Bob the Small Business Exporter of the Year.
2001 - Bob and two partners from Germany formed WindPark Solutions America, which was responsible for the development of Montana’s first large scale wind farm. This wind farm was sold to Invenergy in 2005, which built and operates it near Judith Gap, MT.
2007 - Bob received a lifetime of service award from the Montana Organic Association.