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Lady Gaga's menu includes KAMUT(R) khorasan spaghetti in Dehli -


When international pop queen Lady Gaga was in Delhi earlier this week, she gorged on chicken tikka
spring roll and masala raita, gifted a bottled of her un-launched perfume and even left funds for the Naz
The 25-year-old American star, who was staying at the Taj Mahal Hotel’s Raajput Presidential suite, also
asked for special fitness equipment to be placed in her suite for her stay.
What’s more, she bonded closely with the hotel’s butler and spa therapist. So much so that she decided
to wear a sari for a social appearance after the butler, Ananya, suggested that she do so. She expressed
a desire to see the Taj Mahal in Agra, to which the lady butler brought a miniature replica of the
monument along with a write up on it.
Lady Gaga also spoke about her involvement with charitable activities concerning orphans. Since she
was short of time, she requested Ananya to donate proceeds on her behalf to Naz Foundation in Delhi,
which is home to 30 orphans affected with HIV AIDS. Touched by the hospitality extended, she also
gifted her a designer ‘Lady Gaga’ perfume which is yet to be launched in the market.
Gaga was also impressed by the Indian spa therapies she indulged in during her stay. “I have never got
such an incredible body massage in (the) US,” she said.
As for food, on her platter were continental and Indian specialty dishes like ‘Egg white purses stuffed
with mixed vegetables flavoured with ginger, grilled vegetable skewers, turkey ham and tomato Panini
with masala raita, Kamut spaghetti in arabiata sauce with vegetables, Sprouted Tortilla Wraps with
Turkey Bacon, Chick pea fritters, Chicken tikka spring roll, crafted by the hotel’s chef Amit Chowdhary in
tandem with the Lady’s personal chef.