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Popular LA Pizza Spot, SliceTruck, To Deliver Pizza with KAMUT Brand Khorasan Wheat Crust

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Big Sandy, MT, April 2012 – One of Los Angeles’s finest food trucks, SliceTruck, serving up quality-ingredient pizza around L.A. since 2009, has announced that they are transitioning all of their pizza crusts to KAMUT® wheat flour. This shift coincides with the opening of the SliceTruck the Restaurant. Opening night is planned for April 3, 2012. While pizza made with KAMUT® khorasan wheat has been very popular in Italy for quite some time; this will be the first pizza place in the U.S. known to be offering KAMUT® wheat crust pizza.
SliceTruck previously served pizza with crust made from modern flour, but after an introduction to Kamut International and their organic, heirloom grain, KAMUT® Brand khorasan wheat, Slice Truck owners, and brothers, Dave and Chris Hanley, were intrigued enough to try it. They began making a few of their pizza doughs with KAMUT® wheat flour and were so pleased with the results that SliceTruck is now making a complete switch to crust that is made with 75% KAMUT® wheat for the crusts of all their pies.
“While KAMUT® wheat crust does taste great, the real difference my brother and I noticed is that we weren’t left feeling as bloated or lethargic as we usually are after eating pizza made with regular flour,” Commented Dave Hanley, SliceTruck founder.
KAMUT® Khorasan wheat, an ancient grain that is non-GMO and always grown organically, is popular among both health advocates and food lovers because of its naturally sweet taste, smooth texture, nutritious value and versatility it provides. When the KAMUT® wheat flour is used in pizza dough, it creates a delicious chewy and buttery wheat crust that provides more protein and minerals than crusts made from modern grains. Additionally, those who are sensitive to modern wheat often find KAMUT® wheat easier to digest.
“High quality ingredients are something we have always made a priority at SliceTruck, from the tomatoes that come from Italy to the fine cheese we top the pizza with,” commented Chris Hanley, “so using a more nutritious, organic ingredient, like KAMUT® Brand wheat flour to make our crusts was really a no brainer.”

SliceTruck fully transitioned to KAMUT® wheat crust pizza in March. SliceTruck the Restaurant is located at 2012 Sawtelle, Los Angeles, CA 90025 and is scheduled to open April 3, 2012.
Also the Slice Truck truck can be located by following them on Twitter,!/slicetruck.
Local media interested in trying SliceTruck pizza with KAMUT® Brand wheat crust as a guest of Kamut International, should contact Leesa Raab at ADinfinitum:
[email protected] or call 212 693 2150 Ext: 314