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Trevor J. Blyth

Kamut International CEO
Trevor Blyth took an interest in the family business from a young age—excited by the way Kamut International has always been at the forefront of organic farming and inspired by his uncle, company founder Bob Quinn, with his futuristic farming ideals. While his career initially lead him to working for a medical device manufacturer, he took a personal interest in the organic food industry and worked closely with Kamut International on side-projects.
In 2005 Trevor joined Kamut International full-time as the Program Director. This gave him the chance to work closely with his mother Debby who was also part of the company and his mentor, Bob Quinn.
Since joining Kamut International he has also been closely involved in the Montana Organic Association. In 2009 he was promoted to the title of Chief Executive Officer for Kamut International with responsibility to manage and coordinate the partnerships under the umbrella of the KAMUT® brand.
As CEO, Trevor oversees production of KAMUT® Khorasan wheat in Canada, the United States and Australia. He is also in charge of the management of Kamut Enterprises of Europe, a subsidiary of Kamut International, which is responsible for promotion and protection of the KAMUT® brand program in Europe.
Trevor is enthusiastic about the impact Kamut International is able to make by providing a crop with a fair and sustainable income for small family farms, as well as helping to reduce our environmental impact by playing a key role in increasing organic acres under production. Additionally, protecting the ancient khorasan variety of wheat, from adulteration for the nutritional health of all those who eat it.
Born and raised in Billings, Montana, Trevor earned a Bachelors of Science in Industrial and Management Engineering from Montana State University, at Bozeman in 2003. Always a strong leader, while attending school he was elected as the Student Body President and the Vice- President for the Associated Students of Montana. Later, he earned an MBA from the University of Montana in Missoula in 2007.
Trevor regularly enjoys the many outdoor activities Montana has to offer such as alpine skiing, flyfishing, hiking and mountain climbing. Trevor also enjoys the fact that Kamut International is a family business, which enables him work alongside his wife Tara in addition to his mother and uncle.