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The Brand

The KAMUT® brand is a guarantee of receiving the unmodified, unhybridized ancient khorasan wheat, always organically grown.

The Story

The story of KAMUT® brand wheat began with a chance discovery and 36 kernels of an unusual looking wheat.

The Grain

KAMUT® brand khorasan wheat is an ancient grain, guaranteed under the KAMUT® brand, to never be modified or hybridized, always organically grown, and is prized for its nutrition, ease of digestibility, sweet nutty-buttery taste, and firm texture.


For its nutritional qualities and digestibility, KAMUT® brand wheat is particularly suited for anyone looking for high quality nutrition.


KAMUT® brand wheat can be found throughout the world in products including breads, pasta, pizza, cereals, snacks, pastries, crackers, beer, green foods, and cereal drinks.






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