KAMUT® Brand Wheat | Pizza


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1 liter of water
About 1.6/1.7 kg KAMUT® brand wheat flour
Between 3 and 10 g of fresh or dry yeast (depending on the ambient room temperature)
Between 40 and 50 g of sea salt
Between 70 and 100 g of sunflower oil



The Dough

Phase 1

Weigh 50% of the flour and pour it into the mixer.

Add the water. Knead until a fluid and flexible dough is obtained, then switch off the mixer and let the dough rest for 40 minutes.

Phase 2

Add the yeast to the dough, mix a little and then add the remaining flour.

Knead up to 3/4 of the kneading and add oil.

Mix again for 20 seconds and add salt.

Complete the kneading and put the dough on the worktable to form balls of about 230 g.

Place dough balls in the leavening boxes.

Tips about ingredients:


The ideal temperature is between 6°C and 12°C.


In addition to providing flavor, crispness and aroma, salt has properties fundamental for the structure of the dough. It helps the formation of gluten with shorter meshes and makes the dough more firm and less elastic. It also improves preservation of the dough and slows its leavening.

In general, the recommended amounts vary between 1.2% and 2.5% on the finished product depending on the type of processing.


The type of oil used in the dough must be chosen based on the quality and sensory characteristics you want to achieve.

For example, extra virgin oil gives an olive flavor and aroma and a more crumbly crust.

Cold-pressed sunflower oil (a very common and good alternative of olive oil for pizza), gives a more delicate aroma and flavor and a crisper crust.

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