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Biga (Pre-Fermented Dough):
2 kg KAMUT® brand wheat flour
1.1 l (55 %) Water
20 gr (1 %) Brewer’s yeast
Final Dough:
3.120 kg Biga (Pre-Fermented Dough)
8 kg KAMUT® brand wheat flour
5.9 l (70 % of the total of flour) water
250 gr (2.5 %) salt
150 gr (1.5 %) yeast
100 gr (1 %) malt



Biga (Pre-Fermented Dough):

Spiral knead 6 minutes at the first/low velocity. Let rise about 10/12 hours at room-temperature.

Final Dough:

Spiral knead 4 minutes at first/low velocity and 10/12 minutes at the next velocity (it’s important to obtain a smooth dough).

Add water little by little.

Final dough temperature at 27/28°C.

Let the dough rise for about 60/90 minutes at room-temperature in a bowl.

Turn upside down and shape the bread you like. We suggest to work by hand in 300 gr. pieces.

Let it rise at 28°C and 80% humidity for about 90/120 minutes.

Steam bake at a temperature 10/20 °C lower than the usual one used during the shaping phase. Cook for about 35 minutes. Remove the steam valve as soon as bread starts to brown.

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